Significant problems we face in life is our health – Barking escort

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  • January 14, 2020
  • One of the significant problems we face in life is our health when health is at risk; it feels like your life counts. Life is a precious gift given by God, and most of us took it for granted. Many people have not much-enjoyed life because of work, love, etc. Sometimes, working too much and forgetting your life is one of the biggest mistakes we made, we are the one who created our illness and we are also the one to suffer, but this time you will regret all the time you waste, the time you only focus for one thing and now you’re ill and nothing can do. Many disabled people want to have a healthy life, but they have denied with it. But most people who live regular waste their time, with too many drinks, smokes, eating unhealthy food, etc. You have to love your body now before it’s too late.

    My name is Charlie Clark; I am twenty-nine years old and living in Barking. Life is not as comfortable as other people, but I have fought to it all my life. Before everything had happened, I am the bubbliest, adventurous and party woman. I like to enjoy my life and go myself somewhere I love. I can go a day without sleeping. I can have a drink for all of my life and eat everything I want. Never in my dream to rest since I can handle myself. I think everything is well. I thought everything money could buy. We came from a wealthy clan, and we have many businesses. Money is not a problem, and I have never tried to live like a poor. I am a social class woman, but all of this will disappeared when your health is the issue. I have never thought that I could go like this. Never in my mind that I’ll be in sick since I have good health since then. But it’s true you will only look back to the past when something happened to you. You will see your worth when it’s almost too late. I just got super dizzy at that time; I thought that is normal since it happened to me a couple of times. But I woke up in the hospital unconscious and everyone was crying.  I just discovered I had cancer. From that moment, I became speechless and said to myself to fight. I am a strong woman, and I know, I can make it through. Some days, I lost hope, but more days, I have survived. After my recovery, I decided to change my lifestyle and be okay. I am a cancer survivor, and I became a Barking escort from

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