The problems with working for a North London escorts service

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  • July 23, 2019
  • One of the problems with working for a North London escorts service is that you do run risk of falling in love with some of the men you date. It has only happened to me a few times during my North London escorts career, but this time, I have get it bad. His name is less and he is a very young 52-year-old. The best way you can describe Les is sex on legs. Not only is he sexy but he is kind of beautiful to look at. Sometimes I just sit there and look at him. This is one guy I could easily take home with me. The other night the girls on the reception called me and said that Les had been on the phone to North London escorts like and asked for a business date. I had never been on a North London escorts business date with Les before and I was not really sure how to handle it.


    Would his business colleagues be able to tell that I was in love with him? How Les could not see I am not really sure about, but I felt sure that other people did notice what was going on between me and him. Anxiously I went through the small wardrobe of dresses and shoes that I kept at my North London escorts boudoir. Normally I would have a little bit more of a heads up before a North London escorts date. I am one of those girls who really do like to be prepared for a date and this time I felt that I wasn’t. It felt like it was all going to go wrong. But I did the best with what I had and just got one with it.


    When I met Les at a top restaurant about an hour later, I could literally feel my world closing in on me. He looked really dish in his nice suit, and that smile which was twinkling ins his eyes made me want to take him home and rip all of his clothes off, in other words, he was just sending my insane and I did not know what to do.


    He offered me a drink and I just about managed to say thank you. I felt that I was really losing and I was not sure that I was the right girl from our North London escorts agency for the job. I needed to be social and I was not sure that I would be handle that this evening. The other members of the party turned up, and I sort of stood there smiling by his side. I can’t tell you how silly I felt. Sure, I managed a few hellos and nice to meet you’d but that was about it. I had never felt so awkward in my life and I ended up sitting quietly at his side all night.


    Yes, I did manage to smile and say a few things but in general it all honesty felt like the cat had got my tongue. I kept looking at less but I did realize that this was not the time or space to tell him how I truly felt about it him. All my experience of being confident from being part of the most amazing North London escorts agency just disappeared. That would have to wait for another day.

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