We may all dream about men with big willies, but what if your boyfriend’s penis is so big that you can’t handle it?

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  • June 5, 2019

    My sister, who works for West Midland escorts, and I recently had a chat about the size of men’s penises. We talked about the small ones, and the large ones as well. It was kind of interesting conversation, and I am glad that my sister is kind of open minded about these things. Perhaps it is a professional hazard when you work for West Midland escorts, but I am pleased that I have got her in my life to talk to.

    My sister says that most men are really hung up about their penises, and that they really identify with them. Most of the girls that she works with at Lovely West Midland escorts agree with her, and men do seem to have a bit of penis fetish. I think women do as well, and our eyes do tend to naturally wander down to “the package” as well like to call it. However, a friend of mine has a BIG problem. Her boyfriend’s penis is huge, and the sex isn’t that great. Most of the time he likes to have a quick one, and my friend just isn’t in to that.

    A quick one can be nice on occasion, but most of the time it is something that we girls don’t really enjoy. As a matter of fact, the girls at West Midland escorts who work with my sister, say that they don’t enjoy that kind of relationship with their boyfriends neither. The girls that I have spoken to at West Midland escorts, say it is normally chaps with big penises who act in this sort of way. They expect their penis to do all of the talking, and give all of the satisfaction. Well, I got news for you boys, we simply don’t work in that sort of way.

    The girls at West Midland escorts say that it is difficult to find boyfriends who are sensual. Just like any other girls like me, West Midland escorts like to have sensual relationship with their boyfriend. They like to be kissed and cuddled, and wined and dined, but that is easier said than done for some men. Basically their entire lives seem to revolve around their big penises, and they think that they are everything to a girl. Well, they are not everything to us and we want a lot more from life than big willies.

    Men are so penis fixed that it must be difficult for them to see beyond their penises. They love to talk about sex, and compare the size of manhood’s that they see on TV. A big penis is nice, but it is not the end all of lovemaking. There are things that are a lot more important, and most men should try romance for starters. It is a bit of an alien word to most men, but we all need a bit of romance in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you work for West Midland escorts , we all need a bit of romance in our lives before the BIG event.


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