I want to marry my London escort girlfriend for five years

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  • June 5, 2019
  • Five years is long enough for me in this age of mine. I am already financially stable and have my own house now. All of these I save before settling down so that my wife won’t think about it a lot. I am just happy that I found someone like her. Someone who is understanding, patient and loving. She is there with me at all times especially when I needed her. She makes me happy when things went rough on me. I am not this kind of sure in my life before, because this time my decision is final. I am going to marry a London escort with me. London escort is the only woman I have in my life. The one that I treasured the most. I can’t live without her again, as I am used of having her in my life. If there one person I can entrust my life is, it’s within a London escort. She is the main reason that I become a better and positive person in life. There are a lot of changes in me after I am with this London escort, from a negative attitude to a positive one. Perhaps that is the power of love. That’s the main reason that I am happy with my life now. For me, having someone like London escort is such a blessing in my life. She makes everything perfect to me. There is no other person that would love aside her. If God would let me choose what kind of life I have, I probably choose being with my London escort living simply but loving. Materials worlds do not fills the soul but the love of Go d, your loved one and people. That is the true meaning of life and I learned that from my London escort.  I promise myself that I will always protect my London escort from harm. I will not let anyone hurt her. We met few years back at London. I can still remember that I am in the middle of meeting then she came into the office because she thought I was the one who booked her yet it’s my employee did. When she step her foot in the office everyone is surprised with her beautify, she looks so pretty and stunning even she wore a simple cloth. I am one of those people who admired her that much. After the meeting, I saw her waiting in the client area, I asked her who is she waiting, and she told me the name if our employee. Timely he was absent that time, her eyes looks so disappointed. And since I have nothing to do that time I asked her out and just the two of us seize the day. It’s my first time to ask for a woman since I am not usually doing that. She is fun to be with, she has sense of humour and smart too. I love talking to her; we’ve been friends since that time. Couple of months after we are officially together. For five years she is still with me and I am proposing to her

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