London escorts women is always been proud with their careers

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  • April 4, 2017
  • By that time I was really fond of Susanna a wonderful escort and I could see us having a future together so I went along with her idea.

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    We all met up in London in one of the girls’ homes. To me it seemed like an ordinary home with all the trappings which go with a modern day life style. There was not anything odd, provocative or different about it.

    It was nice to be able to sit down and have a chat with the other partners as well. All of them had gone through the same range of emotions I was experiencing. At first they had not known if they could ever trust or be close to their girlfriends again, but after a while they soon got used to the life style.

    Today, I am glad I stuck around and learned to trust Susanna. Yes, we have a bit of an alternative life style but it is now more fun than anything. I enjoy Susanna stories about some of the people she meets on a daily basis, and there are many things which I have learned.

    Above all, I have learned that there are many lonely hearts out there. Over time I have come to appreciate that the service which Susanna and her colleagues supply can be rather important. Perhaps we should all think twice before we jump in with both feet and judge other people’s lifestyles.

    A couple of months ago I met this wonderful girl. Not only does she have the most amazing looks but she really knows how to turn me on.

    I am sort of a regular guy and I was a bit surprised at my new girlfriend’s working hours. She seemed to work really strange hours and she did not even have a place of work.

    Susanna, my new girlfriend, was always talking about in calls and outcalls, and I had a hard time understanding her profession.

    One day I sat her down, and asked her what she did for a living. Clearly she was not a personal shopper which was what she had told me at first.

    Susanna looked at me and went on to explain that she worked as part of a team of London escorts in London. The shock of the revelation took my breath away, and for a while I just sat there not knowing what to think.

    Can I trust her?

    I felt like I had been betrayed and I felt certain that I would not be able to trust Susanna again. Fair play to her, she took it really well and started to talk about her job.

    She explained that not all escorts are the same and many of the girls have different duties and specialties within the team. This is the reason why so many escorts work together as a group and help each other out.

    Susanna completely understood how I felt, and thought that the best course of action would be to introduce me to her colleagues and their partners. Perhaps that would make me see things a little bit different.

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