How to be a real sex kitten

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  • March 3, 2017
  • My friends at Battersea escorts say that I am a real sex kitten. I am not so sure about that but I do think that I look pretty hot. Most of the time, I do set out to be a little sex kitten. I am actually one of those girls who enjoy feeling sexy, so I suppose that is why I make the most of it. The question is if sex kittens are made or born that way?

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    I am sure that there are some women who are naturally sex, and we have a few of them at Battersea escorts. However, I would not say that they are actual sex kittens. Some of them are sexy in a kind of posh way, but most sex kittens are not posh at all. We tend to be kind of a bit tarty and more fun that the posh sexy lady that you may meet at one of London’s elite escort services. I am sorry to say, but that is not for me at all.

    Did I set out to become a sex kitten? No, I can’t really say that I did at all. I have always enjoyed being kind of cute and that could be one of the reasons why I turned myself into a sex kitten. At the same time, I like to have some serious fun and I think that is part of it. Like I keep saying to my friends here at Battersea escorts. It does not matter what you say, we all know that kittens like to play and have fun.

    Unlike some of the girls here at Battersea escorts, I have more playful lingerie. If you would like to meet a girl who likes to dress up, I think that I would be your perfect choice. In my wardrobe, I have a selection of costumes and if you like, I can be either your naughty little nurse or your French maid. All you need to do is to get in touch with reception and tell them who you would like to meet today. I would certainly not mind meeting up with you any time day or not. How do you feel about that?

    Some of the girls here at Battersea escorts think that I am a little bit silly. I don’t care about that at all. I like to be silly and to be a little sex kitten. When you take a look at my dating diary, you will probably find that this little sex kitten is very popular at the agency. It seems that many gents in the local Battersea area of London like to meet up with me, and we have some serious fun together. So if you like to play and have some fun, give me a call at Battersea escort services. I promise you that I will not scratch you and that we will have some really good kitten fun when you visit me. After all, there is nothing like playing with a sexy little kitten for some fun.

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