The Wild cats or the sexy vixens at Sandhurst

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  • January 29, 2017


    We should speak to a few gents who date escorts a lot, and find out what kind of dates they prefer. A lot of gents have different preferences when it comes to dating, and like Anna from Sandhurst escorts of says it is difficult to figure out some gents. I have dating a lot of local gents here in Sandhurst, and a lot of them are not so sure what kind of date they prefer. Also, she says with a smile, the terms are different. When I worked in central London, no one ever spoke about wild cats or sexy vixens, she smiles. But here in Sandhurst that is what gents talk about.

    Sandhurst escorts

    The truth is that I have ended up asking gents who are trying to arrange dates if they would like to date a wild cat or a sexy vixen. It still makes me laugh, and I have had to explain to all of the girls who have joined us here at Sandhurst escorts, that the top concepts are rather different. All of the girls at the agency think it is just as funny as I do, and we all have a good giggle when we talk about the two terms.

    We have not divided our Sandhurst escorts into different categories, but we do use the terms when we speak to gents on the phone. A sexy vixens date, is a date when you can join one of the lovely girls for a nice and relaxing massage. It is basically a chill out date, and you have the opportunity to choose whatever finish that you would like. I personally think that this is one of the best dates that we deliver here, and lots of gents come back for them time and time again.

    A wild cat date is more popular with our younger gents. I have noticed that the gents who use this service seem to be in the age range of 25 to 38, and the best way to describe the date is like a party date. You can have a serious amount of fun on this date, and it may, and can include, things like going out for a pub crawl with your mates. After the pub crawl it is normally back to the gent’s place where the date is finished off a couple of hours later. I keep wondering if this is a unique concept which you can only find at Sandhurst escorts.

    Working here at Sandhurst escorts is certainly very exciting, and many of our escorts have a great time dating here in Sandhurst. It is true that many of the girls do want to move onto other areas, and perhaps become elite escorts. That is all very well, but I know that many of the girls here can do very well in Sandhurst. After all, living and working in central London is tough and can be very expensive. I know that because I have done it, and would not want to do it again.

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