My Dream Man

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  • November 8, 2016
  • I found my dream man working for London escorts. No, he was not a date or anything like that. As a matter of fact, he was the boss of our London escorts service. We clicked the first time we met but it did take us a long time to get together. We were both a bit uncertain of our feelings. Once we have decided how we felt about each other, there was nothing to hold us back. Now we are a couple and happy together.

    Tony is 22 years older than I am, and it worried me at first. He had inherited the elite London escorts service that he runs from his mom so he was used to be around escorts. At first I thought that he might be a creepy guy but he is really normal. The only thing is that it was clear Tony had led rather a lonely a life. It turns out that running a London escorts service is not the best thing that you can do if you want to enjoy a decent relationship.

    It did not worry me that Tony owned a London escorts service. For the past years I had been working in various part of the London adult entertainment industry and met all sorts of people. To be honest, Tony was one of the nicest guys that I had ever met. He used to walk his old dog to the office, and when I visited the office, he always made me laugh. Our first date was actually walking his dog and having takeaway sandwiches in the park. It makes me laugh even today. London escorts services certainly do have some interesting bosses.

    A lot has changed of course. We are now five years down the line. Both Tony and I still run our London escorts service, and we walk into work. We may come in at different times as I have to take our three year old daughter to school. After that I often join Tony in the office with our canine three dogs. I do stuff like help out on the reception and talk to all of the girls who work for London escorts. It really works out well and the bound between us is strong.

    It makes me laugh, but I do wonder if people know that the couple with the three dogs, the little blonde girl in the push chair walking through Hyde park, runs the best elite London escorts agency. We get so many smiles, and I am sure that they think we are a “normal” family. The thing is that this is our kind of normal. Some people may think that we are a but crazy, but it takes all sorts to make life interesting. I love my caring husband and my cute daughter. But, it is time for me to let you in on a secret. We have bought the cutest cottage in Hampshire with a granny annex for Tonys’ mum, and we are selling up to enjoy new pastures roaming the Hampshire countryside and starting a small holding. I just have this passion for miniature goats.

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