Debden escorts on negative body image

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  • November 17, 2016
  • How to get over your negative body image is not always easy to figure out. Before I joined Debden escorts, I had kind of a negative body image. My friends were always telling me how great I looked but I could not see it somehow. On a couple of occasions, I have even been approached by agencies to ask me if I wanted to model for them. Despite all of this, is still felt really bad about my body image and did not seem to be able to do a lot about it.

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    It wasn’t until I started to dance as started to feel better about my body. Before dancing I had been going to the gym and stuff like that. It was a great way of exercising but I was not able to get rid of that negative body image. In all honesty it was something that was really stuck in my head. The music made me feel great and in many ways it was like my entire body was sort of loosening up. It is actually very hard to describe how I felt.
    One night I was out dancing with the rest of the girls when I ended up dancing on stage. I felt that I became one with the music and just carried on dancing. It was great and all of the people were looking at me. For some reason I really loved that feeling. When I got down of the stage, this handsome man approached me. He asked if he could by me a drink and I said yes. Little did I know that it was by future boss at Debden escorts. He really had a special way about him
    Alan, my now boss at Debden escorts explained that he owned a night club in Soho and wanted me to be one of the dancer. I was looking for a part time evening job at the time, but I did explain that I had not formal dance training. He assured me that I did not need to. All I needed was that sexy body and those moves. No man had made me feel like that before. A week later I was dancing at his club and by the end of the month, I was the top dancer. My idea of my own body image was rapidly changing.
    A little while later, Alan told me about Debden escorts. I cannot say that I jumped at the change but I was willing to give it a try. Fortunately for me Alan understood that I did not want to give up my full time job and he said that I did not have to. I thought that I would not have a natural talent for the job but I did. Now, two years later, I am one of the top girls at the escort agency. Do I still dance? Most of the other girls are really hooked on going to the gym, but I dance because it makes me feel so good. Sometimes I go back to Alan’s club to dance on stage. It is a bit like it gives me energy. But then again, I know that Alan likes to watch as well and that kind of turns me on.

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